DELETE or DECAY // The Review

Oh TNA, how you continue to amaze me.

Delete or Decay was the sequel to The Final Deletion, which was an all-out war between Broken Matt Hardy and his obsolete mule, Jeff Hardy, on the Hardy compound. This time around, Broken Matt and Jeff, now known as Broken Brother Nero, reunite in a battle against TNA World Tag Team Champions Decay (Abyss & Crazy Steve w/ Rosemary). The storyline this time is that Decay are making their way to the Hardy compound, in an attempt to abduct King Maxel, the son of Broken Matt and his wife Rebecca. A six-person war erupts with The Hardys defending the compound against Decay.

The story begins earlier in the day, where Broken Matt asks his servant Senor Benjamin to prepare the personal zoo in order to find their primal instincts. We then see the Hardy family encounter many animals – some highlights including Broken Matt and Brother Nero sparring with a kangaroo and Matt referring to the “spot monkeys” as TNA X Division talents DJ Z, Andrew Everett and Mandrews, as well as Matt and Nick, a reference to world-renowned tag team The Young Bucks. This scene provided a lot of comedy, but then again, the entire showcase was a comedy.

Meanwhile, a hillbilly is driving alone in a pickup truck at night when he encounters Decay in the middle of nowhere. We next see Decay on the way to Cameron, North Carolina in the pickup truck.

Decay arrive at the compound and walk past Senor Benjamin as he prepares the battlefield by digging up graves. The trio stand outside the Hardy house as they spot Rebecca and King Maxel inside. Broken Matt then shouts “Decay! I knew you’d come”. Decay follow Matt until they encounter the Hardy trio, armed with fireworks. Hilarity ensues as Decay are seen running from the fireworks and hide behind the dilapidated boat, previously seen in The Final Deletion. Abyss protects the others, telling them to get to the house, before he is pushed in the water and emerges as…


Yes, the brother of Abyss makes an epic comeback before being tasered by Senor Benjamin. C’mon man!

The next scene sees Brother Nero and Crazy Steve fighting poolside and eventually in the water. A hard-fought battle occurs until Nero puts a sleeper hold on Steve. In the water. Like, isn’t that murder? Well, we didn’t have long to find out when Crazy Steve emerges from the pool and drags Nero down, continuing their water fight. Brother Nero manages to escape, not before Crazy Steve climbs out of the pool and says my favourite line of the entire sequence – “PAINT REGENERATE!” So apparently Crazy Steve has the ability to re-paint his face. What a superpower that would be.

During this time, Broken Matt has been chasing after Rosemary as she makes her way to the house. Then out of nowhere, Abyss returns, having dealt with Senor Benjamin at the graveyard. Rosemary is free to run towards the house, while Broken Matt deals with Abyss.

As Abyss is about to strike Matt with his prized weapon, Janice, Brother Nero makes the save and sacrifices himself, taking the shot from Abyss. We then see Broken Matt in a 2 on 1 situation with Decay until his drone Vanguard 1 makes the save. Hooray? The drone makes the save by somehow igniting a fire, traced in the shape of the Hardy symbol. This leaves Decay trapped. By a 1-foot fire might I add. Like, they could’ve easily jumped over it.

Rosemary has taken King Maxel after somehow knocking out Rebecca. After spitting the mist and taking out Vanguard 1, she encounters Broken Matt. Rosemary attempts to repeat the mist trick, but Matt enhales the mist! Firstly, germs. Secondly, it looked really good even though it was terrible hygiene. Matt then spits Rosemary’s mist onto her, as she screams out in pain, suffering defeat.

It may seem that the Hardys have won the battle, but the war with Decay is far from over. We last see Decay abduct Senor Benjamin instead, driving off in their pick-up truck. Will this lead to a third installment? What is the extent of Brother Nero’s injury? When will the tag team titles be involved?

I must say, I’m really enjoying this rivalry between the Hardys and Decay. Two factions whose gimmicks fit Delete or Decay easily. Imagine EC3 or Lashley in this situation. More laughable than the current product, I would assume. Despite the hilarity and craziness of this installment, you can’t deny that people are talking about it. It’s bringing everyone’s attention to TNA wrestling. It’s great entertainment and it’s something that hasn’t really been done before. The fact that the Wyatts and The New Day tried to rip TNA off is unbelievable. Especially since their version was worse than the two TNA sequences. I’m interested in seeing where this angle goes, as two of the best teams in not only TNA, but possibly in professional wrestling, continue their war.

FINAL VERDICT: 8/10. Better than The Final Deletion.


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