How WWE Should Book…The Return of Finn Balor

Set for a long spell on the shelf, the push of Finn Balor will inevitably be resumed once he returns, leaving the WWE with a plethora of options as to what to do with him. I’d have him return at the Royal Rumble completely unannounced at #30 and winning the whole thing, with the fan base firmly behind him on his road to Wrestlemania to face Kevin Owens for the Universal Title he never lost. Meanwhile it’s important to consider that at this point during Wrestlemania I’d also have Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson win the Raw tag titles, and AJ Styles retain the WWE Championship. With this in mind I’d have Demon Balor win the title from Owens, ending his lengthy reign. Owens reluctantly extends his hand as a sign of respect for the new champion who instead calls upon Gallows, Anderson & Styles who emerge from the crowd to destroy Owens (effectively turning Owens face in the process). The Club and Balor reunite in the ring. Some of you may question the move to turn Balor heel, but if you watched him in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Prince Devitt, he can portray quite the self-interested, arrogant pillock – in other words the guy’s an absolute heat magnet waiting to happen. Over the new few months following this, I’d book the Club to gradually take over WWE, frequently invading all brands (including NXT) and asserting dominance- hopefully either more of NJPW Bullet Club members or new members within the WWE will allow greater strength in numbers. Around this period I’d expect some tension of leadership to arise between Styles & Balor, culminating in the Club turning on Styles (somehow resulting in Balor holding both world titles), turning Styles face and firmly establishing the reign of the Balor Club.

– Samuel Verlinden


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