NFL Week 3 Predictions

This week we see Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman resume their rivalry, while the best match-up looks to be the Vikings against the Panthers. How will the Vikes do without Adrian Peterson? The Patriots started off Week 3 with a dominant 27-0 victory over the Texans. Last week, I went 10/15 for the second week in a row. Here’s my picks for Week 3, along with my bold predictions:

1) Ravens 16-20 Jaguars

I expect young Jalen Ramsey to grab his first NFL interception against Joe Flacco.

2) Redskins 17-27 Giants

With OBJ and Norman going at it the entire day, Sterling Shepherd and Victor Cruz will combine for 200 yards receiving. Bonus prediction: either OBJ or Norman (or both) will be ejected.

3) Lions 21-17 Packers

Aaron Rodgers will throw 2 interceptions against the Lions defense.

4) Browns 24-31 Dolphins

The Browns will have a double-digit lead at halftime. And lose it.

5) Vikings 13-23 Panthers

Cam Newton will have more rushing touchdowns than passing touchdowns against this tough Vikings D.

6) Broncos 24-14 Bengals

Andy Dalton will be picked off 3 times. Two will go to TJ Ward.

7) Cardinals 31-27 Bills

Sammy Watkins will receive for over 100 yards against Patrick Peterson. UPDATE: Watkins is not playing today, so this prediction is invalid.

8) Raiders 31-35 Titans

Both Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota will combine for 7 TDs, with a rushing touchdown for each QB.

9) Rams 13-19 Buccaneers

The Rams defense will sack Jameis 4 times.

10) 49ers 22-25 Seahawks

Colin Kaepernick will play in this game.

11) Steelers 34-17 Eagles

Carson Wentz will struggle, turning the ball over 3 times.

12) Jets 25-20 Chiefs

Matt Forte to rush for 150 yards and receive for 50.

13) Chargers 23-20 Colts

Melvin Gordon will rush for over 100 yards.

14) Bears 16-21 Cowboys

Dak Prescott will connect with Cole Beasley for the game-winning TD.

15) Falcons 28-34 Saints

Michael Thomas will have a break out game, catching for over 100 yards and 3 TDs.




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