NFL Week 4 Predictions

An early game in London, England sees the division rival Colts and Jaguars go at it, while the Patriots play their final game with a backup quarterback until Tom Brady returns in Week 5. AJ Green dominated in a 22-7 win for the Bengals over the Dolphins, but here’s the rest of this week’s predictions. WEEK 3 SCORE: 4/15

1) Colts 24-28 Jaguars

The Jaguars are a regular fixture in London, which should help their chances. TJ Yeldon will run in for 3 scores today.

2) Bills 16-26 Patriots

Both Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett will see action and both will throw a TD pass.

3) Titans 9-34 Texans

Texans bounce back in a demolition of the Titans, forcing 3 Marcus Mariota turnovers.

4) Lions 34-31 Bears

Matthew Stafford will throw for over 400 yards in this game.

5) Panthers 21-27 Falcons

Julio Jones will Moss a Panthers defender on a game-winning touchdown.

6) Seahawks 17-21 Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick bounces back by hitting Eric Decker twice for a TD and the win.

7) Raiders 31-28 Ravens (OT)

Joe Flacco will throw a pick in overtime, leading a Janikowski field goal for the win.

8) Browns 10-32 Redskins

Josh Norman grabs two interceptions.

9) Broncos 27-17 Buccaneers

The Broncos defense will sack Jameis 5 times.

10) Rams 14-10 Cardinals

Todd Gurley rushes for over 150 yards.

11) Cowboys 31-16 49ers

Dak Prescott throws for 4 TDs.

12) Saints 24-27 Chargers

A Drew Brees fumble will seal the game for the Chargers.

13) Chiefs 31-26 Steelers

Antonio Brown will catch for over 100 yards, but Marcus Peters get a game-sealing pick.

14) Giants 10-28 Vikings

Eli Manning will throw 4 picks in this game.


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