WWE No Mercy 2016 Predictions

Smackdown Live is back with another brand exclusive pay-per-view in No Mercy. Following the success of Backlash, the blue brand will be looking to carry on the momentum with this event on Sunday (Monday 12pm NZT). Since the draft, Smackdown has emerged as the better storytelling brand, with great angles such as Heath Slater’s free agency storyline and the heat built from The Miz’s shoot promo on General Manager Daniel Bryan. But as of late, Smackdown seems to have slowed down in it’s quest for brand supremacy. Other than the fact that PPV poster looks like an advertisement for perfume, there’s a lot of upside heading into the night. There are two top matches to look forward to in The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler title vs career match, as well as the triple threat for the WWE Championship. However, the booking of some of the lower card talent appears to be going nowhere. After No Mercy, fans may understand the direction the brand is taking. Will veterans such as Jack Swagger, Nikki Bella and Randy Orton put over younger stars like Baron Corbin, Carmella and Bray Wyatt? We’ll find out this Sunday.

Once again, I am joined by WWE writer and musician Sam V for these No Mercy predictions:

EF: Elijah Fa’afiu

SV: Sam Verlinden


KICKOFF SHOW: Baron Corbin vs Jack Swagger

EF: Corbin is a future star, but at the moment it seems the writers don’t have anything planned for him. Swagger’s win on Smackdown makes this match look a little competitive, but Corbin should win this encounter, leading to a rubber match down the line.


SV: Yeah look don’t really care but Corbin has potential here. So same.



1) Curt Hawkins vs TBD

Who will be his opponent?

EF: I think Hawkins will job to Kane in his debut.



SV: Debut of Hawkins… surely they give him the W.




2) Nikki Bella vs Carmella

EF: I’ve been impressed with Carmella since her heel turn, beating up Nikki Bella at every opportunity she gets so she can gain heat. It would be nice having Carmella win to make her legitimate threat to the Smackdown Women’s Championship. However, Bella exacting revenge by winning would cancel out everything Carmella’s done, which makes more sense.


SV: Yeah same aka Nikki Bella takes W.



3) Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

EF: This feud’s been more promo-filled rather than action-packed and isn’t one that needs to extend any longer than No Mercy. I understand Wyatt needs the victory due to his track record not being so great in big matches. However, I think Orton is next in line for a WWE Championship opportunity, which means I’ve got Orton taking this match-up.


SV: Haven’t enjoyed the build to this feud. Wyatt is a main eventer and needs to be at the top of the card (and winning), not losing to Kane consistently. The only real way to rectify this weak booking is with a Wyatt victory. Get that momentum crackalackin’ because Orton doesn’t need it. I think Wyatt takes the cake.



4) Heath Slater & Rhyno (c) vs The Usos for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships

EF: Ever since Heath Slater & Rhyno won the tag team titles, they haven’t shown they can be legitimate champs. Instead, they’ve become a side piece to the real tag team feud on Smackdown – The Usos vs American Alpha. Slater & Rhyno winning was for the purpose of the Heath Slater free agency storyline. Now that they’ve won, they don’t need the titles anymore. What concerns me is what they’ll do with Slater, who’s more over than most of the roster right now, if he does lose the tag titles. An alternative outcome could see American Alpha cost The Usos, but to add to the feud, the titles need to be in play. As a result, The Usos will end Slater’s dream.


SV: There is nothing worse than short reigns. Slater & Rhyno to retain. However I am enjoying the Uso’s work as heels- it is too early to take the straps off the one man band and his angry friend.



5) The Miz (c) (w/ Maryse) vs Dolph Ziggler in a Title vs Career Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

EF: Prior to Backlash, I wasn’t a fan of this match/rivalry. However, these two men at the top of their games (or near the top if you’re Ziggler) have changed my opinion of this feud. Their outstanding contest at Backlash, as well as the passionate promos shared between the two, most especially Ziggler, has me invested in this match. The loophole here would be to have Ziggler win by DQ or countout. However, that would be the biggest anti-climax of 2016. The Miz right now is the top heel on Smackdown and needs to maintain his never-ending Intercontinental Championship reign. To do that, he needs to end Ziggler’s career. It would provide great heat and make his reign even more legitimate if it hasn’t been already. With rumours that Ziggler’s WWE contract is up and may take on a backstage role with the company, I’ve got The Miz ending Dolph Ziggler’s career.


SV: What a way to resume Miz’s great run of form then with the retirement of Ziggles. I can see why Dolph would be frustrated with his WWE career to date. A great worker who never really had the support of upper management to solidify himself as a top star and therefore I can see him moving on. Not only will it allow Dolph the freedom to work for other promotions, but it will inevitably lead to great heat for The Miz.



6) Becky Lynch (c) vs Alexa Bliss for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

EF: Alexa Bliss is a bright young talent and is definitely the future of this company. She works very well as a heel and I see her in a Trish Stratus-type mold. However, Becky Lynch should retain this title and hold onto the championship for a while.


SV: Bliss showing glimpses of promise but Lynch’s reign to continue in relatively dominant fashion.



7) AJ Styles (c) vs Dean Ambrose vs John Cena in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Championship

EF: This match has all the makings to be the top match of the night. Styles should be made to look strong and hold on to the title for as long as he can. It’s been said that John Cena and Dean Ambrose may both take a hiatus following No Mercy, which makes sense since Ambrose’s been working non-stop ever since he came to the WWE, while Cena’s opportunity to tie the great Ric Flair’s world championship record should come at a bigger event.


SV: Too early to pull the trigger and give Cena his record tying reign. Too early to put the strap back on Ambrose. Too early to take the strap off Styles.





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