NBA 2016-17 Season Predictions

With the NBA tipping off tomorrow and all the team season previews completed, it’s time to put our predictions in for the season awards and final conference standings. With the conference standings, because I did some of the previews a month ago, my opinion on some of the teams has changed which may explain a change in my conference predictions.

MVP: Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Other people I considered for this were James Harden, Paul George and Damian Lillard. I think both Curry and Durant being on the same team could hurt both player’s chances and same could be said for Lebron and Kyrie. You can’t deny an angry Russell Westbrook who should be averaging close a triple-double this season. For those questioning that he has to lead the Thunder to the playoffs, his supporting cast is stronger than it was a couple of years back when he was in the same situation. This will help Russ’ cause.

Rookie of the Year: Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers)

The award race is wide open following Ben Simmons’ injury. It’s weird to think that this is Embiid’s first year playing after being drafted in 2014. But Embiid will be on a 76ers side still developing so he doesn’t have to worry about making the playoffs as a criteria and he’s shown in the pre-season that he’s 100% and ready to unleash.

Defensive Player of the Year: Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs)

Yes, I have Kawhi winning it for a 3rd consecutive time. With Tim Duncan retiring, it means Kawhi will have to pick it up on defense to help Pau Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge. More responsibility means more opportunities for Leonard to showcase his defensive talents. Ultimately, this could lead to Kawhi being an MVP candidate as well but for now I have him winning DPOY.

Sixth Man of the Year: Brandon Jennings (New York Knicks)

This was a tough category to figure out with so many options to choose from, including last year’s winner Jamal Crawford, Andre Iguodala and Enes Kanter. But I’ve gone with Jennings, who will be a vital factor if the Knicks make the playoffs. He’s had a great highlight reel in the pre-season filling in for Derrick Rose, but with Rose back from being found not guilty in his civil assault case, Jennings fulfill the bench role he was meant to be when he signed with New York.

Most Improved Player: Jabari Parker (Milwaukee Bucks)

I could’ve gone with Parker’s teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo, but it’s time for Jabari to break out in his third year. While the man taken ahead of him in the 2014 draft has gone on to become one of the best young players in the NBA, Parker’s career has been disrupted by injury. Now that he heads into this season fully healthy, he and Giannis can form a strong 1-2 punch that can help the Bucks make the playoffs. Ultimately, it could end up being a head-to-head battle between teammates for this award.


1) Cleveland Cavaliers

2) Toronto Raptors

3) Indiana Pacers

4) Atlanta Hawks

5) Boston Celtics

6) Detroit Pistons

7) New York Knicks

8) Charlotte Hornets

9) Milwaukee Bucks

10) Washington Wizards

11) Chicago Bulls

12) Orlando Magic

13) Miami Heat

14) Brooklyn Nets

15) Philadelphia 76ers


1) Golden State Warriors

2) San Antonio Spurs

3) Portland Trail Blazers

4) Los Angeles Clippers

5) Oklahoma City Thunder

6) Utah Jazz

7) Houston Rockets

8) Dallas Mavericks

9) Minnesota Timberwolves

10) Memphis Grizzlies

11) Phoenix Suns

12) New Orleans Pelicans

13) Sacramento Kings

14) Los Angeles Lakers

15) Denver Nuggets





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