WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Predictions

RAW hosts the last brand-exclusive pay-per-view before they collide with Smackdown Live at Survivor Series. There are three Hell in a Cell matches on the card, with the event being billed as a ‘Triple Main Event’. Rumours are growing that Sasha Banks vs Charlotte will be the last match on the card in the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Women’s Championship. If this is true, it will be the first time two women have main evented a PPV, which goes along with WWE’s version of the New Era. We also have Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the United States Championship and Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship – both matches taking place inside Hell in a Cell.

As always, WWE writer Sam V is here with his picks and analysis for the upcoming show.

EF: Elijah Fa’afiu

SV: Sam Verlinden


1) Bayley vs Dana Brooke

EF: This rivalry isn’t going anywhere. From the botched finish between the two a couple of weeks ago to the arm wrestling match last week. Yeah, an arm wrestling match. Anyway, Bayley needs the win more considering the botched finish made her look weak in defeat a while back.


SV: This is all part of Bayley’s inevitable build to a Wrestlemania moment, she’ll win this one I feel.



2) The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

EF: The Club need a win after their numerous title match losses to The New Day. They’ve slowly worked their back to being the renegades they were known for in Japan, except that nothing’s coming to fruition inside the ring when it counts. Maybe a trade to Smackdown Live will do the trick? On the other hand, Enzo & Cass are already over with the crowd and are more likely to win the tag titles before Gallows & Anderson anyway so a loss won’t hurt them as much as their opponents


SV: Enzo & Cass are over, people adore them. Meanwhile, The Club needs this win more than a sift needs to quench his thirst… They’ve been absolutely flat and need some momentum. Maybe? Please? Surely?



3) TJ Perkins (c) vs Brian Kendrick for the WWE Crusierweight Championship

EF: The Crusierweight division has gone off to a slow start since being introduced a month ago. The in-ring action has been great, but the wrestlers lack the character and backstory that draws them to the crowd. It is fitting then that Perkins and Kendrick have the best character developments out of all the crusierweights. Their history helps with storyline development and on Raw, there was an interesting moment where Kendrick asks Perkins to let him win at Hell in a Cell to help reinvigorate his comeback.

I sense Kendrick will find a dirty way to win this match and the championship.


SV: Yeah, not a fan of Perkins…. Raw needs a more formidable cruiserweight champ as they hopefully transition to facing non-cruiserweight specific members of the roster. The scheming, manipulative, deceptive Kendrick oozes this. So yeah, surely put the strap on him.



4) The New Day (c) vs Sheamus & Cesaro for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

EF: With The New Day on track to break Demolition’s all-time record of 478 days as tag team champions, I don’t see them dropping the title till after Survivor Series, where the record-breaking day is around that period. I am intrigued by the “team” of Sheamus & Cesaro and think they would be great tag team champions, but had they’d been brought together later in the year it would’ve been the perfect time to change hands. New Day are slowing down as champions, but it’s clear WWE wants them to break the record, otherwise they would’ve lost them to The Club a month or so ago.


SV: New Day to break record.



5) Roman Reigns (c) vs Rusev in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE United States Championship

EF: Out of the three Hell in a Match matches, this one has been the best rivalry in terms of intensity. This should be the final match between the two and usually the face comes out on top in these situations. If Rusev were to lose, it’ll be interesting to see how he gets booked as the United States championship is the only thing that made him credible. It’s similar to when he first lost the US Championship to John Cena, which led to Rusev being directionless and in a downward spiral. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again this time around.


SV: Look, as much as it is slightly irritating to say – Reigns is money, the man = clicks, likes, views and $. As much as I appreciate the work of Rusev, ultimately Reigns will take the cake here.



6) Kevin Owens (c) vs Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Universal Championship

EF: I still feel like the real rivalry here is between Seth Rollins and The Authority and Kevin Owens just happens to be caught up in it. I haven’t really been drawn into this rivalry and I’m more interested in Chris Jericho’s involvement in the storyline. At this point, The List is more over than the Universal Championship for goodness sake! It is a bit of a travesty that Jericho doesn’t have a match on the PPV, unless he has a big role in the finish of this match then I understand. With Seth set to be in a program with Triple H sometime soon, I expect Owens to win. But definitely not in clean fashion.


SV: Y2J is the star of this bout…. so he’ll be involved somehow. Rollins’ mic work has been monotonous and slightly tedious, but his face character is still developing so I shall let it slide. I don’t think Triple H will show face just yet, but a trademark classic interference is possible. Perhaps even a Y2J face turn? Turning on Owens? Who knows… but, it’s too early for another Rollins run – keep the strap on Owens.



7) Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte Flair in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

EF: Firstly, this match should be the main event. It’s the best rivalry considering the history between the two dating back to NXT, the fact that Charlotte hasn’t lost in singles PPV matches and it’s in Sasha’s hometown of Boston, which kinda gives the result away. Sasha and Charlotte will be the first women to ever compete in a Hell in a Cell match and potentially the first women to main event a PPV, which shows how much these two have revolutionized women’s wrestling. They shouldn’t have to go out and dive off a cell to make history. They’re already making history as it is. Use the structure as a weapon of course, but a 5-star match between the two should be on the cards.


SV: Pretty excited for this one, hopefully Charlotte doesn’t do anything too crazy in terms of spots and it’s just a nice, well executed match per normal, these two always deliver. Anyways Banks to retain.



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