WWE Roadblock: End of the Line Predictions

RAW presents the final pay-per-view of 2016 with Roadblock: End of the Line. Compared to recent pay-per-views, this event is less predictable and a sure toss-up. The event marks the climax of one of the feuds of the year in Sasha Banks vs Charlotte in a 30 minute Ironman match, the record-breaking New Day defending their titles against the super duo of Cesaro & Sheamus and a champion vs champion match for the WWE Universal Championship. Who will avoid the roadblock en route to the Royal Rumble?

EF: Elijah Fa’afiu

SV: Sam Verlinden


1) Big Cass vs Rusev

EF: As much as I’m a fan of Rusev, he’s looked strong beating up Enzo Amore, so Cass getting one over Rusev on behalf of his friend seems like a good way to go. It will also make Cass look good for an eventual singles push in the future.


SV: Ahhhh it’s always good seeing Rusev portray the true monster he is. Enjoyed him giving Enzo the lazy hiding and will also enjoy watching him tear down Big Cass. Expect a competitive but relatively quick match. Shot Rusev.



2) Rich Swann (c) vs T.J. Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Crusierweight Championship

EF: The introduction of the crusierweight-exclusive 205 Live has helped make the crusierweight seem interesting again with better storytelling and the emergence of guys like Jack Gallagher and Ariya Daivari. This triple threat, although not a great storyline, is a nice little match between three guys who have all held the Crusierweight Championship. I expect Swann to retain the championship in a possible match of the night contender.


SV: Really enjoying Kendrick’s work. Swann is algood and Perkins is cringe. I think Kendrick will reclaim the title here.



3) The New Day (c) vs Cesaro & Sheamus for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

EF: There have been mixed perspectives on The New Day breaking Demolition’s longest-reigning tag team championship record. I personally am happy to see the record broken, despite the trio growing stale as of late. Many expect Cesaro and Sheamus to win the titles at Roadblock since the record has been broken. However, as much as I would love to see that, it would be too obvious for this to happen. New Day to extend the record.


SV: Would be rude to end the run straight away- give it a bit more length and then switch holders. Thanks. Appreciate Cesaro and Sheamus though they sick.



4) Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman (10-minute time limit)

EF: I expect Sami Zayn to have a huge 2017, which includes me having him as a dark horse to win the Royal Rumble (but that’s for next month). But in order for the Cinderella story to take place, he needs to look weak to end 2016. I think Zayn puts up a mighty effort, but will go down to Strowman with time almost expiring.


SV: I absolutely appreciate both of these two. Whilst I feel Strowman has been booked well, Zayn has suffered from too many losses and I’m really hoping he doesn’t get fed to big Braun, as it would further halt his momentum. Either way, this match will likely last the whole duration of the 10, with Zayn either scoring an upset win or surviving the 10 for a later rubber match. But for predictions sake- I’ll go with a Zayn win.



5) Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins

EF: Soon enough we should see Jericho vs Owens before Y2J heads off to tour with Fozzy. We should also see the Rollins vs Triple H feud kick into gear, which is why I think Triple H will make an appearance and screw Rollins over. Although it should really happen at the Rumble, I think kick-starting the feud nice and early will be a little unpredictable. Jericho wins and goes into a feud with Owens over the Universal title.


SV: Both absolute stars doing good stuff. Am excited for the inevitable Y2J v Owens feud but this should be sweet. Here I see Rollins going over. When it comes to Y2J, win or loss it doesn’t matter his popularity will still soar.



6) Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte in a 30-minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

EF: This has been one of the feuds of the year, if not the best. I honestly don’t mind the hot potato action over the title as it makes both women look strong and shows how good the feud has been. The aftermath of this match, if it really is the end of the line, will go one of two ways: if Sasha wins, she’ll go into a program with Nia. If Charlotte wins, she’ll feud with Bayley. Both feuds will happen anyway regardless of who has the belt. I predict Charlotte to continue her pay-per-view streak and win back the title.


SV: Hopefully hot potato stops here and Banks retains? Really do enjoy this feud though and am not fussed if it even continues- reminds me of the Stone Cold vs Rock style beef.



7) Kevin Owens (c) vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship

EF: If Reigns wins, he’ll hold both the United States and Universal Championships. And fans will definitely not like that, unless we see a full heel turn take place. Owens looks as though he’ll get in a program with Jericho over the title which would be nice. I expect Owens to retain the title via shenanigans.


SV: So yea, if Reigns wins expect rage… but yea I doubt he does. Through some shady circumstance big Kez will hold on to the coleslaw. Likely due to a Christopher Jericho appearance.







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