NBA All Star Game 2017 Predictions

Voting for the NBA All Star Game has changed this year, with fans making up 50% of the votes, while 25% will be made up by the votes of the players and media members. It’s a huge change that will help balance the popular players starting vs who should really be starting.

Here’s our picks for should make the NBA All Star Game rosters:



G – Kyrie Irving

G – DeMar DeRozan

F – Jimmy Butler

F – Giannis Antetokounmpo

F – LeBron James


G – Kyle Lowry

G – Isaiah Thomas

G – John Wall

G – Kemba Walker

F – Paul George

F – Kevin Love

F – Kristaps Porzingis




G – Russell Westbrook

G – James Harden

F – Kevin Durant

F – Anthony Davis

F – DeMarcus Cousins


G – Stephen Curry

G – Chris Paul

G – Klay Thompson

F – Kawhi Leonard

F – Draymond Green

F –  Marc Gasol

F – Karl-Anthony Towns


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